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Top Guidelines to be a Successful Lender

The SoLo app is a platform that empowers lenders to invest in an unconventional way. We have seen accomplished lenders over 2018 use our platform for many reasons— the two main ones being to help others and to make a good financial return.

An essential guide to renters insurance

Renting can sometimes be considered more of a young person's living strategy - those from early college age into their late 20s - but data from the Pew Research Center makes it clear that things aren't nearly so cut and dried. As of 2016, 43.3 million people referring to themselves as heads of household (which includes single individuals) for U.S. Census Bureau questionnaires said they rented their residences.

Tips for moving on a budget

In many major cities across the U.S., particularly those with more than a few colleges within their borders, late August through early September means that moving season is in full swing. The weeks leading up to that month-to-month transition are just as hectic in their own way, particularly for those somewhat strapped for cash.

Pros and cons of secured credit cards

We've previously made note of how it takes time, ingenuity and good spending habits to build credit, especially for millennials. One of the recommendations you often see, after a cursory Google search for something like "credit building tips," is to consider opening up a secured credit card account.

Car financing tips for first-timers

If you're a young professional dealing with the cost of living in most parts of the U.S., chances are the option of buying a new car outright simply won't be there for you. Kelley Blue Book estimated the average new car cost in America at just over $36,000 as of January 2018. For plenty of people in entry-level jobs just getting into their careers, that's equivalent to or slightly less than a year's salary. By many Americans' standards, that's too much to drop all at once.