SoLo is a mobile lending exchange connecting lenders and borrowers for the purpose of providing affordable access to loans under $1,000.

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iOS / Android

SoLo is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.


Sign up and request or fund a loan in minutes.

SoLo Score

A FICO score doesn't tell the whole story.


You're in good hands with bank-level security encryption.

Early Payback

Pay back loans early with no penalty or added fees.


Feeling generous? Make someone's day by funding a loan without requiring repayment.

Be a Lender

See how you can benefit by lending on SoLo

Earn Money

Earn "appreciation tips" for helping others during financial hardship.

Social Impact

Give back to someone less fortunate through financial collaboration.

Lend Directly

See where your money goes for full transparency.


No minimum requirements, lend what you want when you want.

Be a Borrower

See how SoLo can help you fill unexpected financial gaps


Cheaper than taking a payday loan.

Your Terms

Interest-free loans; where you set the loan amount and payback date.

No Application

Get money faster without going through a formal approval or denial process.

No Hidden Fees

We make everything clear so you know where your money is going.

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Meet the Team

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Travis Holoway

Co-Founder / CEO

Rodney Williams


Taylor Conophy


Jarrel Carter


James Willingham

Lead Developer

Dari Grant


Erik Hansen

Backend Developer

Sharifa Nichols

Director Strategic Partnerships

Ryan Lietzenmayer

iOS Developer

Ed Sutherlin

Android Developer

Andrew Mojzer

QA Engineer

Justin Hite

Product Designer

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