Access for all.

SoLo is a community that allows members to easily access and supply short-term funds for immediate needs. Many Americans are often forced into taking exploitative loans in order to make ends meet. Our community works together to create mutually beneficial outcomes where members can both improve their financial health.

How SoLo Works

Lend to earn money and help others.

Browse and find loans to fund that meet your criteria and earn appreciation tips for helping others during financial hardship.

SoLo connects lenders and borrowers.

Borrowers select the loan amount, payback date and the appreciation tip to lenders. Everyone is welcomed. No approval process.

Borrow money on your own terms.

Borrowers select the loan amount, payback date and the appreciation tip to lenders. Everyone is welcomed. No approval process.

Once selected, received money instantly.

SoLo is the fastest and most convenient option for affordable personal loans on the market.

A Community of Members.

We bet on each other because we believe in each other.

Our Community

“I am so thankful for SoLo, it's my go-to whenever I need emergency funds. I love that they don’t require an extensive credit history, but instead, let you build your reputation within the community.”

- Alex L., Miami

“If you’re in a pinch this is a great way to get help from good-hearted people and to also return the favor if you have the means. I will start to fund loans myself because I understand the needs of others and also it’s a good way to make a few extra dollars here and there. I recommend this platform 100%."

- Lawrence K., San Diego

“It's quite rare to have the ability to aid economic and social justice from the comfort of your couch. SoLo Funds allows me to put my money into the hands of people like me that could use a financial hand while I make a healthy return."

- Syed I., Houston

“I have a small business that I'm trying to grow. Unfortunately, I don’t have good credit and a bank won't help me. Now, I'm able to manage a decent cashflow to my business and use the funds from SoLo to pay for my personal bills."

- Daniel G., Chicago

“I was looking for something like SoLo that allows me to lend to a person who needs it. It feels really good to help people and also earn on my disposable income. I love the new features they've implemented lately."

- Catherine K., Kenosha

“Without this app, I’d have likely been evicted from my place with no other options. SoLo filled that much-needed void and for just a fraction of the cost a big bank would charge! Hands down, I highly recommend it!"

- Andrea P., Philadelphia

Welcome to SoLo.

With SoLo, we make it easy to come through for one another. We’re Social Loans. Join us.